My Hometown

Birthplace:Okaya/Suwa in Nagano Prefecture

The Winter Olympic Games was taken place in Nagano in 1998.
Do you remember?

Geographical features:In the middle of Japan, and around Lake Suwa.

In Suwa, it is so cold in winter that the lake surface of Lake Suwa is often freezed.
When the cold day lasts several days, the ices on the lake surface becomes thicher gradually.
In the warm day after successive cold days, the ices on the lake surface are expanded, and are risen.
Finally, the way made by ice bulges appears. At the same time, you can hear roaring sounds from Lake Suwa.
This phenomenon is callled O-mi-watari, meaning "God has gone across Lake Suwa" in Japanese.

The papers published in Nature about Lake Suwa (described by several peaples) 1 2 3 4 5

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